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Lungs & Vessels Illustrations Project

Lungs & Vessels Illustrations for Interactive Patient/Doctor Consult

For this project, an interactive APP for doctors to use in patient consults, the client had a variety of images from different sources, and in different styles, but wanted a consistent look for all images.

Using the sample images the client provided as subject reference, I provided a collection of clean, colorful images all tied together visually.

I provided high-resolution Photoshop files with adjustment layers so the agency could fine-tune the images to the client’s needs.

Modeled and rendered in StrataStudio 3D CX8.

Agency: Fingerpaint Marketing
Medium: 3D Model & Render

Lungs with Tracheal Tube

Lungs with Tracheal Tube


Healthy Neonates

Alveoli – iNO Neonates

Alveoli - VQ Mismatch

Alveoli – VQ Mismatch



Lung Interior with Capillary

Lung Interior with Capillary

Capillaries with Red Blood Cells

Capillaries with Red Blood Cells


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