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Strata Design 3D-CX: Lattice

Building a lattice cylinder in Strata Design 3D CX

… a rough approach. Turns out as a tapered basket form, in spite of starting with a cylinder. Probably something off in the rotation of the initial rib. Or, in the position of the rotation center.

Note: Steps 6-8 could be simplified by just removing the vertical edges within the band instead of the way I did it, with bridging.



Addendum: Keep the initial rib in position and move the center to the XYZ origin, then replicate around that. That’ll give you a cylindrical lattice. For the one below, I replicated the first rib 17 times (for a total of 18 ribs) at 20 deg Y.
Then I grouped that set, mirrored it (so the ribs are going the opposite direction), flipped it and repositioned it.


More Fun with Lattices.

This — made from the same starting point as the other lattices. Wanted to make something similar with joined vertices – a single mesh object.
Starting with Step 5 (above) removed all of the vertical edges, leaving only diagonal. Then selected all edges and did Extrude-Inset. Selected and deleted all central polys using Wand (leaving diamond-shaped holes). Added thickness and subdivision to smooth.

buckycylinder fiberhose

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