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DESIGN – (under construction)

Print, packaging and display design
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Packaging, page design, logos, catalogs, trade show display, web graphics. . . all sorts of stuff that needs a creative touch.
Page Design
3D CGI Mockup
  • More information about this ...
    RAFB Timeline
    Rome AFB Timeline LEFT: Digital mockup presented to client for...
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    SonicBrite Packaging
    SonicBrite Packaging Client: SonicBrite Ground-up design for new product packaging.    
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    Know your Trees
      Know Your Trees Illustration, page design & layout Client: Adirondack Explorer Photoshop,...
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    The Scoop on Poop
    The Scoop on Poop Illustration, page design & layout Client: Adirondack...
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    Heat Stroke
      Heat Stroke Illustration, page design & layout Client: Adirondack Explorer Photoshop, InDesign  
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    Outdoor Skills Pages
    Adirondack Explorer Skills Pages I've been working with the Adirondack...
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    Dootie Bags Packaging
    Dootie Bags 100ct Box Packaging Client: Beaton Innovations, Inc. Ground-up design...


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  • RAFB Timeline
    RAFB Timeline
    Rome AFB Timeline 10′ Timeline Wall Display Design & Installation Client: RAFB Display for Rome Air Force Base in Utica, NY ties into an existing...
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