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About Pendant Necklaces

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How big are the pendants?

Round pendants are about 13/4 inches in diameter. Rectangular pendants are generally 2-3 inches long. The center pendant below is about 3″ long. For reference, a quarter is just slightly under an inch in diameter.


Sizing Chart

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Most cords are waxed black nylon or cotton and will be adjustable to around 30″. Sometimes leather or imitation leather is used. Descriptions will indicate cord material and length.


Necklace closures are either adjustable slip-knots, or claw-style closures.
Some have adjustable chain closures.



Studio 309

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Chittenango, NY 13037
(315) 944-0309
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STUDIO HOURS: Technically: M - F 10am - 5pm,
but I'm often working away from the studio.
Please contact me ahead of time to schedule a visit.

GALLERY: When the door is open, come on in!
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Illustration & Design Consultation:
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Original art & Fine Art Prints; Ceramic Pendant Necklaces.
  • Black-Pond-Lily-Pads Black Pond Lily pads $240.00
  • Hamlin Marsh in Winter $480.00
  • First Wilderness, Gila National Forest, NM $370.00

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