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I’ve decided to go with the big-ol’ pile of art” approach, rather than compile several illustration portfolios based on style or medium or market. Within the pile, I’ve attempted to maintain some kind of order, and to show examples of my range of styles. New work will be added to the pile periodically. These are commercial pieces done for clients, and include a range of styles, from pen and ink to digital color and 3D modeling. They are roughly arranged by style.

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Well, yes, I do some design too. In fact, a good portion of my business is design — logos, packages, trade show displays, web graphics… I was raised on Quark­Xpress and Aldus Freehand [if you remember Aldus, you’re as old as me].Today, I use the Adobe Creative Suite: In­Design, Illus­trator and Photo­shop. For 3D design and illus­tration work, I use Carrara, Strata Design 3DCX, and occasionally, Z-brush.

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fine art

I only separate fine art from illus­tration because these are most­ly land­scapes, sea­scapes and still-life I’ve done for my own en­joy­ment — although some of them have led to com­mercial work and com­missions.

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STUDIO HOURS: Technically: M - F 10am - 5pm,
but I'm often working away from the studio.
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